Muscle Ache Relief & Sports Injuries

Muscle aches and pains can occur when your muscles are injured or overworked. The pain itself usually arises from a muscle spasm, which is a natural reaction that helps protect injured body parts by limiting their movement. Muscle pain can also involve ligaments, tendons, and fascia, the soft tissue that connects muscles, bones, and organs. The most common causes are muscle strain due to overuse – using a muscle too much, too soon, too often and from tension or stress. DEEP RELIEF® offers a variety of products to effectively treat muscle aches and pains.

Did you know?

Ice Cold Pain Relief Gel is recommended for acute injuries, like a pulled muscle, as it helps reduce inflammation and swelling. It works like ICE.

Warming DEEP RELIEF® products, such as DEEP RELIEF® Heat Spray, are recommended for chronic pain and treating injuries that do not have inflammation or swelling. Applying heat can help relax muscles and stimulate blood flow to the painful area.